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In addition to performing and creating music, Jessica is also a prolific romance author. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gordon College in 2010 with advanced studies in Creative Writing. She has been the lyricist for Anaria, To the Ancients, and Cities Below, drawing upon the ups and downs of the human experience for lyrics. She writes poetry on a regular basis and has just completed her first novel, a romantic victorian thriller entitled, "The Devil Rides at Midnight," now available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. 

Dark fortune awaits Isabelle with the arrival of two mysterious travelers in Edgarton. In a world where the occult becomes reality and monsters hide in plain sight, the line between love and obsession is blurred. She must discover the truth behind both men’s murky pasts in a daring game of soirees and moonlit chases upon the moors.

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